So, what is the Music Angel Social Power battery all about?


Plenty of power

2600 mAh Li-Ion battery, charged via Micro USB and outputing via USB.



Encased in a brushed aluminum enclosure, the MA Social Power is built to withstand (almost) anything you can throw at it!



Four indicator lights display the current charge in the MA Social Power and a single power button gets things going.



Compatible with any phone that is usually charged by USB. Including iPhone & Android devices.

Size Matters.

The Music Angel is designed to be portable, and being not much larger than a lipstick we think we have achieved that. Drop it in your bag, or pop it in your pocket. You won’t even notice its there!

Safety First

We’re fully aware of the dangers of carrying around li-Ion batteries every day, sadly many manufacturers are not.

Our batteries are designed and tested to stand up to the rigorous aspects of weekends in muddy festivals and hot summers in sub-saharhan Africa. Individual fuses in the battery mean that if any damage causes something to go wrong, the power will be shut off straight away.

As always, please read the safety information that comes with the battery – its all common sense but treat it good, and it will treat you good!

Want to get your hands on one?

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