Our first batch of pre-orders have been shipped and are arriving now!

Look out for an Amazon parcel coming through your postbox.

Tear along the considerately perforated line and (gently) flip that parcel! This is what you’ll find inside:


Now the unboxing begins.


Upon opening the box you’ll find a handy slip with information concerning your wristband, battery and warranty. You then have your Music Angel Social Power battery nestled safely and snuggly ready to be gazed upon! After taking a minute to check this beauty out, pop out the cardboard insert to find more goodies underneath!


In this compartment, you’ll find:

  • Your Unlimited Charging Wristband. Do not lose this – you will need to be wearing this during the festival in order to swap your battery. Replacement wristbands are chargeable.
  • A lanyard that attaches to your..
  • Carry pouch
  • A Micro-USB cable. This lets you charge the battery via any USB socket, such as your laptop or phone charger.
  • A USB-powered reading light! These are the lights we send out with our batteries to children in Rwanda.
Feel free to get some pre-festival use out of your new companion. It’s a handy piece of gear! But please be aware that to swap your battery at an event it must be undamaged – we wouldn’t take in a battery in a condition were not happy to give one out in.


If you press the little button on the front of your battery blue LED lights will come on next to the USB port. 4 lights means you’re fully charged and ready to go! If you plug in a device and it does not start to charge, pressing this button can ‘wake up’ the battery and get the show on the road!


If you own an iPhone, or an Android with a USB-C port, please bring your phone’s charging cable with you to the festival. We do not provide these cables in the packs. If you happen to forget or lose yours, we do sell Apple-certified cables and USB-C Adaptors at our stalls.


If you have any further questions concerning you’re preorder package, you can contact us here.

Happy unboxing! 👊⚡️